Soul Singer/Songwriter/ Actress/Photographer/Graphic Designer/Screenwriter

Tina Vonn is a Los Angeles based soul, r&b singer/songwriter, actor, screenwriter, graphic designer, director and photographer. Her raspy, bluesy tone is respectfully compared to the incredible soul singers Adele & Amy Winehouse. Tina has toured the Los Angeles music scene and has performed at many famed venues like The House of Blues, The Mint, The Viper Room and more. She is currently writing and recording and will be releasing new music soon.


She is mostly self taught, teaching herself piano and guitar by ear at the age of 7 and started writing songs as a form of self therapy. Tina credits her music with helping to overcome a debilitating anxiety that halted her progression for several years. She encourages finding a personal relationship with art in any form regardless of skill level or age as a pathway to self expression and relief. 


Tina is an experienced and accomplished photographer and graphic designer, focusing on portraiture and nature photography. She co-started Babae Studios with her photography/videography partner Olivia. You can visit their website here: https://www.babaestudios.com/ 


Tina thrived at LACC concentrating on Film and Music and has experience both in front and behind the camera writing, directing and editing. Tina is multi-passionate and enjoys creating art in all mediums. 


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