Soul Singer/Songwriter/ Actress/Photographer/Graphic Designer/Screenwriter

Tina Vonn is always compared to incredible artists like Adele and Amy Winehouse but falls somewhere in between with her raspy, bluesy voice and poetic, dreamy lyrics. Tina was born on the south side of Chicago losing her mother at birth she grew up with her fathers eclectic taste in music. From classical to classic rock to Motown, Tina was influenced by all of the greats like Bill Withers, Eric Clapton, Aretha, and Stevie. She made the move to LA just out of high school and spent many years in self reflection developing her artistic voice and personal style. When she built her band they played all of Los Angeles’ famed venues and built a faithful following and a desire for more singers to really perform live and not just record with auto tune. Tina’s soulful melodies and honest lyrics touch your heart and remind you of the days when singers really sang.


She is mostly self taught, teaching herself piano and guitar by ear at the age of 7 and started writing songs as a form of self therapy. Tina credits her music with helping to overcome a debilitating anxiety that halted her progression for several years. She encourages finding a personal relationship with art in any form regardless of skill level or age as a pathway to self expression and therapy. 


Tina is an experienced and accomplished photographer and graphic designer, focusing on portraiture and nature photography. She co-started Babae Studios with her photography/videography partner Olivia. You can visit their website here: https://www.babaestudios.com/ 

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image by @Bitterlipmedia